Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yahoo groups - lists owners rules

As a list owner to a few yahoo groups I do know how important it is for rules and keeping them. In one group I used to belong to I made a MISTAKE and broke a rule...the list owner deleted me for that. Ok....not a problem. I respect that. What I DON'T and WON'T respect is that in her words as to why I was deleted from the group came across as SLANDER to me. This is what was posted in the said site: "This member has been removed for violation of our rules. If you contact her about her item for sale, please be careful. People who disobey rules cannot be trusted." To say I was deleted from the group due to breaking rules I can see being posted but to say that I am NOT TRUSTWORTHY b/c I did break a that went too far in my book. I can see it if I did this all the time in groups I belong to but this was not the case. It was a one time happening so being deleted for breaking the rules to me was in my eyes exceptable. The owner also of the said group when contacting her REFUSED to delete my postings along with her SLANDER but did delete my photos. I informed her that I would contact yahoo in regaurds to the slander bit then for as I felt she had gone a tad too far. She in returned stated "You do what you feel you need to do and I will as well."
Now you ask which yahoo group was this.......well it was SUZIES YARNIE STUFF.
What rule was it I broke....I posted an item in the group that was YARN related for was some knitting needles that I don't use and I DO sell my crafts and craft related items to make extra money to help out the family to which I am helping to raise 3 little girls that belong to my boyfriend.
It was my oversight to Suzies rules that got me deleted from the group which I totally do understand but to put up with being called untrusthworthy is a different story.
The moral of this story is WATCH THE RULES if you are in any yahoo groups be it Yahoo's Rules or the List owners.

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