Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bedroom set project

In one of my crafting groups in yahoo there was a post that made me reach out to help make a little boys dream come true.
The post went "I am a 30yr old mommy of 3 beautiful angels. I have2 girls and a boy. I have been married almost 10yrs and love life tothe max. I do not sew at all unless its a button or a Icame to this group searching for some help. I have a 6yr old littleboy who looks up to my father very much, he is poppy's boy for sure.Poppy(my dad) was a USMC United States Marine. My littleboy has said since he has been 3 that he wants to be a marine when hegrows up. This year for his birthday he asked me for a marine beddingset. I have seached EVERYWHERE! They sell USMC logo fabric in stores,like walmart, joanns etc...I need to know if there is anyone on herewho would be willing to make me a set of twin sheets a pillow case anda comforter. I am willing to pay the price you would pay in the storefor one already done maybe a little more if need be. I know this isshort notice, his birthday is in the end of january. I would be verygreatful to anyone out there who would take on this task for me. Asfar as the comforter part is concerned, I don't care if you go to alocal thrift store and buy one and recover it or make it from hand.Please I am desperate. I have tried everywhere. Can anyone please makePaul's birthday wish come true? If so please let me know. I am honoredto be a part of this group. Thank you and God Bless."
(Names have been ommited)

This is the fabric picked out for the comforter


This is the fabric that has been picked for the pillow case, top and bottom sheet.Now the fun begins....time to gather all my materials to get this project started. (Esp since I found our local Wal Mart has informed me that this one print is a discontinued print and can not be off to other Wal Marts and Ebay to find the rest of the yardage needed to do this project.)

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