Thursday, February 19, 2009


Now that I got your attention...LOL....I will tell you what WIP means. WIP is short for Works in Progress. When I first saw that in one of my crochet groups I was like HUNH....Till someone explained it to me. Since I am not big on blogging I thought I would drop in today and just give an update on WIPs that I am working on. (Yeah I know I have more going on than I should) I have 15 crochet cross bookmarks almost done for an order that I have. I still need to weave in the tails then starch and put the tassels on the. I also have 6 elephant fridgies that I need to weave the tails in then glue some eyes and magnet on them to finish them off. I started 2 days ago another round ripple babyghan that I THOUGHT I had done last nite till I went to do the edging. In doing the edging I came to a spot that the count was off...yep you guessed it...dumb me dropped a stitch in one of the corners. What made me more mad at myself about it is I didn't catch it sooner since the drop stitch was back at the halfway mark of the afghan that I was working on. So now it sits waiting on me to come work on it and get it done.
I got in the mail the past few days ebay orders that I had bidding on for doll faces. I now have more than enough of the faces to make plenty of the doll face potholders to sell and give away as gifts. I even have some dark ones that I am in hopes to work up as Indian doll face potholders.
Well I better get off here if I plan on getting some crochet done before kids get home from school. I have not firgured out yet how to type and crochet at same time yet.
Photos to follow later on the WIP that have been completed.
Oops forgot to mention I have 2 air freshner dolls just about done as well. Shows you were my head is.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Angel in My Pocket

While out looking for crochet patterns I came across this Tiny Angle pattern at Now I am not one that likes to weave in alot of ends so I got to thinking there has to be an easier way to making these tiny angels
Here is my edited version of this pattern
Tiny Angel
Ch 4, join w sl st in 1st ch to form ring, ch 1, 8 sc in ring, join w sl st in 1st sc (8 sc). This forms the Head

Ch 2, hdc, ch 2, hdc, che, sl st in same sc This forms 1st wing:

Sl st in next, ch 4, 3 trc, ch 4, sl st in same sc, This forms the dress.

Sl st in next sc, rep as for 1st wing. This forms the 2nd Wing

Weave in ends. Lightly starch.
As you can see they are tiny things
They also reminded me of a poem I once heard about the Angel in My Pocket. I found online this poem and printed it out so that with each angel I make a poem will go with it.

Angel In My Pocket

There's an Angel in my pocket,
Everywhere I go,
Just in case I need her,
'Cause she loves me so.
I never have to walk alone,
She's with me everyday.
She watches every step I take,
And often leads the way.
No one ever sees her,
She's meant for only me.
My special friend from heaven,
Came to set me free!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pineapple Trivit/Dishcloth

Thanks to Michele at Inspired Crochet Designs for this free pattern
This was so simple to work up. I did have 2 spots that I did different from the way it was worded in the pattern so that the end results would allow my finished project to look like hers.
In the pattern Michele has it as Rnd 1 - ch3 counts as 1st dc now and throughout. (2dc, ch2) I did the Ch 3, Dc 2 (2dc, ch2) 4times. This was so there was not an extra dc in the beginning round. The next part was where she has in Row 6 - side shell, ch2, sc in ch sp, (ch3, sc in ch1sp) across, ch2, shell in shell [8 ch3sps]..... I feel it should read Row 6 - side shell, ch2, sk first sc sp, sc in ch sp, (ch3, sc in ch1sp) across, ch2, shell in shell [8 ch3sps] By doing that then you would have the correct amout in the [ ] Once I did that this baby worked up real quick and easy. I know I will be making more.

4 Square Preemie Afghan

This is my verison of Patti Stone's Preemie Afghan. I did this as a CAL with CFWP events group. I have learned one one thing in don't use baby sport yarn if you want the pattern to work out right. I love how the pattern worked up but from now on I will use a softer baby yarn to make it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blog Giveaway

If you are into quilting you need to check out Rhonda's blog in Patches and Pieces Not only does she have a free giveaway contest going on she also has some really nice work showing in her blogs.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Crochet Thread & Doll faces

Got part of my buying spree in today for the CALs that I have signed up with. Thanks to Wal Mart not having a wide selection of crochet tread I went shopping at Jo Ann's online. Got lucky on the shipping for it as well.
This is how the doll faces came wrapped from my ebay purchase.
Doll faces that will soon be Doll face Pot Holders.

This is what I got to see when I first opened my thread box.

Most of the colors I need for CALs that I am joining in and new colors for my cross bookmarks.
Do you think I have enough in my stash yet................NOPE!!!!!.....LOL

Friday, February 6, 2009

Finished Crochet Projects

Theses are some of the goodies I have been working in this past week
This is a Valentine Crinoline Doily that was a CAL in CFWP events group. I still need to finish weaving the ends, lightly starching and then gluing the parts together.

This Angel with Heart Filet came about thanks to Yvette bragging how easy it was to do and that it only took her two days. Well she was right it was easy even though I screwed up and dropped a stitch and didn't find it till I was to the halfway mark and things was looking really odd. This was a free pattern online and can be found at
There is only one correction to this I would like to add. At the end of each row before turning chain 3 (some only chains 2) This is the first DC for that row. Work the rest of the pattern as done so in the site.

This was a Scrubbie CAL I got myself into. I tell you I never in my wildest dreams expected a simple pattern to give me such a fit as this one did. My one big mistake was not reading the instruction completely FIRST. PLEASE NOTE this pattern is done in the back loops so to give it the ridge effect needed to make this pattern work out right. This was also a free pattern and can be found at the blog of GRANNYJUDITH
I found that naztazia posted step by step photo instructions of Granny Judith's pattern. This was what help me to discover my big OOps.

Now this was a fun CAL. For 3 weeks it was called the Mystery CAL. Can you tell what it is? With the parts I couldn't either but in the end after it was all put together it created this wonderful Starburst Hot Pad. (Don't you just love the colors?)

Still have a few other projects I am working on but that is for another day.

Craft Shows

Here are a few displays from my first show in Oct.
Theses are a few items I have done. Plastic Canvas Bingo Bag, Business card holders, recipe card holders. Necklaces and bracelets

Here I have beaded and feather earrings, crochet cross bookmarks and hanging Gaurdian Angels with poem.

More of my beaded and feather earrings, pony bead keychains, suncatcher crosses.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gone Goose Hunting

Well not really hunting goose, just patterns to make lawn ornament goose clothes. A friend of mine has a lawn ornament Goose that would like for me to make some clothes for her. Annies Attic at one time had a pamplet called "Annie's Attic Goose and Gander Parade Crochet" but now it is out of stock or can not be found *boo hoo* I can't even find some reasonaly prices use sewing patterns for some outfits. So if anyone out here can help me in with this new project of mine I would be so eternally grateful.

I would like to thank all that emailed me on where to look for patterns. As many times as I had searched Ebay I had not found it till I was sent the link tonight for "Annie's Attic Goose and Gander Parade Crochet" I now have on order a copy of it (as well as some Native American Fabric that the lady had as well.) Again Thanks to all that helped me out in this search.
(this is the fabric that I have coming in with the goose clothes pattern)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Online shopping @

Thanks to some CALs that I had joined in on I was in need of certain color crochet thread. Our Wal Mart has been the pits on color selections so I decided to shop around online. Tonight when I went back into I noticed that if you registered with them that your next order with them the shipping would only be $2.95 total. (Ok...can't beat that with an ugly stick) So off to picking out the colors I wanted/needed.
Aunt Lydia's Crochet Cotton-Wood, Aunt Lydia's Crochet Cotton-Purple, Aunt Lydia's Crochet Cotton-Maize, Aunt Lydia's Crochet Cotton-Orchid Pink, Knit-Cro-Sheen White & Gold, Knit-Cro-Sheen White & Silver, Knit-Cro-Sheen Gold, Knit-Cro-Sheen Crochet Cotton-Medium Rose, Knit-Cro-Sheen Crochet Cotton-Lilac (Most were special online prices even)
Not only did I get lucky on the shipping but they also had a online coupon code that will save you 40% off one regular purchased item. So when all was said and done my total savings tonight was $11.95....but I still spent $32.00 grand total for my goodies :)
I can not wait till they come in and I can start on the new CALs.