Monday, August 20, 2012

Inheriting Craft supplies

2012 started out like it always does for me just another day on the calendar just a new year with new beginnings and changes. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that this would be the year my mom would cross that rainbow bridge. Mom passed in Jan....2 wks after her 85th birthday.
Since that time I have been back to my old childhood home to clean out my parents place. (Daddy wants to sell the house so he can close this chapter of his life and start a new one.) Mom was big into crafting mostly crocheting and knitting. I learned from her when I was young how to crochet but never to knit. She even turned one of our old bedrooms into a computer/craft room where she kept all her supplies. 
In packing up the supplies there were 3 - 3ft tall packing boxes full of goodies. 2 - blanket bags full of more goodies and countless tins and smaller boxes of supplies as well. As I go through all of these boxes to reorganize, see what is what and all I also find myself going through lots of memories. Memories that make me miss my mom....wishing she was still here.
In order to keep her memories alive I will finish up her unfinished projects and start new ones with the supplies that she left behind.
I love you mom.....I miss you terribly.....You will never be forgotten.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kitchen Pants (Britches) Dishcloths

Makes a great shower gift.
Designer: Unknown - An old pattern my mother had
Rating: Easy

Materials: Cotton worsted weight yarn, small amout of ribbon in a matching color, 5.00m crochet hook (am.H/8)

Directions: Chain 28.
Row 1: DC in 3rd chain from hook and in each chain across foundation. (27 dc)Row 2: * Ch 3 (for first dc), turn, dc in each dc* across.
Row 3 - 14: Repeat from * to * and finish off.

Assembly: When both cloths are made and ends tied in, fold each in half and thread ribbon through second last row, pull the ribbon till the cloth looks like the ruffle on bloomers and tie in a bow . This is the first leg. Repeat with second cloth. Next, thread the ribbon through second row from top, starting with the front and going all the way around joining both cloths. (Cloths will join at center front and center back). Gather this ribbon until it is about the right size to be the waist, tie another bow. Lastly, about the 6th row from the top add one more ribbon to make the fly. (The ribbon goes through only 4 sts. first and last on each leg), tie 4th bow here.

Add this poem and you have yourself a great wedding shower gift or a cute kitchen decoration.

County Fair Entries

Can not believe that a year has passed since I was first talked into entering some of my crafts into our local county fair. Soon it will be that time again so here I go through all the crafts to see which will be good enough to enter into the fair. Last year I had 12 entries so this year I need to enter at least 12 items if not more I keep telling myself. Still unsure of myself when it comes to my crafts..... but by entering in the fair it helps boost my ego a tad when I place and hear the comments of others of the items made.
Some of the items I have ready for the fair is..... 

Victorian Crochet Baby Dress

Toddler Sundress

Beaded Purse Necklace

Infant Fleece Blanket with crochet trim

I do have other items I need to finish and hope have the time to start before I have to take my entries in.