Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today I had some time to kill before a meeting so I stopped off at our local Thrift store. Was just looking to see what goodies they may have that I could use for crafting. Found a relish tray that looks like it could come from Tupperware or rubbermade but was from Pioneer instead, and then idea hit me...HEY this would work for a sewing caddy. It has 4 latches on it that even if you didnt have them all clicked down it would still keep the lid on good to keep things from falling out. So now I have all my straight pins, bobbins, hook & eyes, and elastic in it.

Empty Relish Tray with lid

Relish Tray now being converted into sewing caddy

All tucked in and closed up for the night. :)
Also came away with some encyclopedias for my girls as well. Never can have too many of them around when you have 3 kids.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Crochet Cross Bookmark Pattern

Some time ago I found this cross bookmark pattern online (yes it was free I think) but now when I went to find it again so I could share it It was nowhere to be found. As for me saving a copy of it....well that got lost when my pc crashed. I have since taken the time to write it out as I crochet one so that I may share it with others. IF someone finds that this pattern is indeed not a free pattern or is copywritten please let me know and I will take it down.
Cross Bookmark

Material needed:
Bedspread cotton size 10 (your choice of color/s)
Steel hook size 7

Ch 5 sl st to form ring

Row 1: Ch 3, 3 dc, ch 2, 4 dc in ring, turn

Row 2-11: Ch 3, 3dc, ch 2, 3dc in ch 2 sp from row before, dc in top of ch3
At end of row 11 finish off.

ARMS of cross:
With right side facing on right side of the piece you just made join With sl st join to end of row 7, ch 3, 3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc in the end of row 8, dc in the end of row 9, Turn
Rows 2-3: Ch 3, 3dc, ch 2, 3dc in ch 2 sp from row before, dc in top of ch3, At end of row 3 finish off.
Rep Left arm starting in the end rows of 9 - 8 –7

TRIM: (Can be done in contrasting color)
Join with sl st to the beg. Bottom ring of cross, Ch 3, 2 dc, ch 2, 3 dc in the starting ring. Ch 3, 3dc, ch 2 3dc in end of row 1, Sc in end of row 2,
3dc, ch 2 3dc in end of row 3, Sc in end of row 4,
3dc, ch 2 3dc in end of row 5, Sc in end of row 6,
3dc, ch 2 3dc in end of row 1 of arm, Sc in end of row 2,
3dc, ch 2 3dc in end of row 3, 3dc, ch 2 3dc in ch 2 sp of row 3 arm,
3dc, ch 2 3dc in end of row 3, sc in end of row 2, 3dc, ch 2 3dc in end of row 1,
3dc, ch 2 3dc in end of row 10 (top part of the cross center) 3dc, ch 2 3dc in end of row 11, 3dc, ch 2 3dc in ch 2 sp of row 11,
on opposited sid of cross 3dc, ch 2 3dc in end of row 11, Sc in end of row 10,
3dc, ch 2 3dc in end of row 1 of arm, Sc in end of row 2,
3dc, ch 2 3dc in end of row 3, 3dc, ch 2 3dc in ch 2 sp of row 3 arm,
3dc, ch 2 3dc in end of row 3, sc in end of row 2, 3dc, ch 2 3dc in end of row 1,
sc in row 6, 3dc, ch 2 3dc in end of row 5, Sc in end of row 4,
3dc, ch 2 3dc in end of row 3, Sc in end of row 2, 3dc, ch 2 3dc in end of row 1
sl st to join top of ch 3, end
tie off loose ends
Lightly starch to hold shape.

With 4 inch piece of cardboard wrap bedspread thread 15 times around. Cut thread at end. (where you start and end your wrapping) Join with Half hitch to bottom of cross in the ch 2 sp of the trim. Trim ends to make even

Birthday Invite

When I started the Bedset Project never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to become part of the family to which the bedset would go to. Today in my email I received this email..."Eunice,This is Paul's birthday party invitation. All you've done for us we only felt it right to invite you so here is an invitation just for you. I cannot thank you enough. I truly appreciate it and Paul will as well upon opening his gifts. I love you woman! THANK YOU! Wish you were able to really attend.The Rhodes Family" Attached to the email was this wonderful birthday invite. One I know I will treasure.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Paul may all your dreams come true.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bed set project - Photos

This is the quilt that went to the bedset project I was working on. Finally got it done. First quilt I have done in like 30yrs. (First quilt I ever made was for my daughter before she was born)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Finally done...

...the bedset project and only 4 days behind sch....not too bad. For those of you that are new and dont know what I am talking abt it all started when Misty posted in one of my crafting groups that she didn't sew and was looking for somone to take on a sewing project for her. Her son, who had a birthday this weekend, wants to be a marine like his hero....his grandpa. She wanted to give him a new bedset that had the marine siggy on it. Well that was a tough task to tell you the truth. One...this material is being Discontiuned at WalMart so bought all they had and still was in need of more. Off to Ebay I went. Got lucky there and was able to bid on 5yrd lot and won it after 3 differnt listings of trying.Once I had all the material I realized I didnt have a quilt rotary cutter. Asked b/f to pick one up for me....BIG MISTAKE. (NEVER sent a NON crafter male to do a crafting females job) Needless to say I had to resort to using the old fashion ways....sissors and ruler. that problem solved and got things going finally. The sheet set part consisted of top sheet, bottom sheet and pillow case. (That was the easy part PTL) Got it in the Mail on Tues so it could be there in time for Pauls b-day. Quilt was giving me fits and was taking longer than I thought it would. First didnt have enough blocks to make a twin size quilt with so had to firgure out another way of making this to the drawing board I went. Next the blocks were not perfectly squared. Got the blocks and the "frame" done to complete the top of quilt and had added to the sides of the material for the bottom part of the quilt. Next was to pin all 3 layers together. I had decided to recycle a comforter that the toping was coming off of. ANOTHER BIG MISTAKE. This one was too bulky and would not lay flat enough to pin down. After many not so nice choice of words and tears I finally found another comforter to use that TADA worked. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO now I finally have all 3 layers pinned and ready to sew. I am not a quilter mind you so I do have some puckers here and there but IMHO I think it turned out pretty darn good. Where is the picture you ask....well it is late and too dark in here but I promise that tomorrow I will get a pic of it to share with the group before I put him in his box so he can fly his way to PA.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yahoo groups - lists owners rules

As a list owner to a few yahoo groups I do know how important it is for rules and keeping them. In one group I used to belong to I made a MISTAKE and broke a rule...the list owner deleted me for that. Ok....not a problem. I respect that. What I DON'T and WON'T respect is that in her words as to why I was deleted from the group came across as SLANDER to me. This is what was posted in the said site: "This member has been removed for violation of our rules. If you contact her about her item for sale, please be careful. People who disobey rules cannot be trusted." To say I was deleted from the group due to breaking rules I can see being posted but to say that I am NOT TRUSTWORTHY b/c I did break a that went too far in my book. I can see it if I did this all the time in groups I belong to but this was not the case. It was a one time happening so being deleted for breaking the rules to me was in my eyes exceptable. The owner also of the said group when contacting her REFUSED to delete my postings along with her SLANDER but did delete my photos. I informed her that I would contact yahoo in regaurds to the slander bit then for as I felt she had gone a tad too far. She in returned stated "You do what you feel you need to do and I will as well."
Now you ask which yahoo group was this.......well it was SUZIES YARNIE STUFF.
What rule was it I broke....I posted an item in the group that was YARN related for was some knitting needles that I don't use and I DO sell my crafts and craft related items to make extra money to help out the family to which I am helping to raise 3 little girls that belong to my boyfriend.
It was my oversight to Suzies rules that got me deleted from the group which I totally do understand but to put up with being called untrusthworthy is a different story.
The moral of this story is WATCH THE RULES if you are in any yahoo groups be it Yahoo's Rules or the List owners.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bedroom set project

In one of my crafting groups in yahoo there was a post that made me reach out to help make a little boys dream come true.
The post went "I am a 30yr old mommy of 3 beautiful angels. I have2 girls and a boy. I have been married almost 10yrs and love life tothe max. I do not sew at all unless its a button or a Icame to this group searching for some help. I have a 6yr old littleboy who looks up to my father very much, he is poppy's boy for sure.Poppy(my dad) was a USMC United States Marine. My littleboy has said since he has been 3 that he wants to be a marine when hegrows up. This year for his birthday he asked me for a marine beddingset. I have seached EVERYWHERE! They sell USMC logo fabric in stores,like walmart, joanns etc...I need to know if there is anyone on herewho would be willing to make me a set of twin sheets a pillow case anda comforter. I am willing to pay the price you would pay in the storefor one already done maybe a little more if need be. I know this isshort notice, his birthday is in the end of january. I would be verygreatful to anyone out there who would take on this task for me. Asfar as the comforter part is concerned, I don't care if you go to alocal thrift store and buy one and recover it or make it from hand.Please I am desperate. I have tried everywhere. Can anyone please makePaul's birthday wish come true? If so please let me know. I am honoredto be a part of this group. Thank you and God Bless."
(Names have been ommited)

This is the fabric picked out for the comforter


This is the fabric that has been picked for the pillow case, top and bottom sheet.Now the fun begins....time to gather all my materials to get this project started. (Esp since I found our local Wal Mart has informed me that this one print is a discontinued print and can not be off to other Wal Marts and Ebay to find the rest of the yardage needed to do this project.)

More Deco Plates done

Being that it was so warm Sat. I decided not to work on the round ripple afghan and go to working on my deco plates again. These are the 8 that I got done so far. These are reversed decopaugh using fabric and glass plates
Elvis on 8" plate Elvis on 8" plate

Elvis on 8" plate

Elvis on 8" plate

Friendship on 8" plate

Friendship on 8" plate

Cows on 8" plate

Cows on 8" plate

Working on odds & end projects

This Round Ripple Afghan is a work in progress. It is approx 4' in diameter so far. Done in Buff Fleck and Dark Brown.
While taking break from the Round Ripple I took the time to whip up this cute little trinket bag. It is approx. 4.5" tall by approx 5" around.

I also took time out from round ripple to whip up this Child size Rolled Brim Hat. Done in Steal Heather with a Dark Gray band. Will fit child size up to 20"