Thursday, February 19, 2009


Now that I got your attention...LOL....I will tell you what WIP means. WIP is short for Works in Progress. When I first saw that in one of my crochet groups I was like HUNH....Till someone explained it to me. Since I am not big on blogging I thought I would drop in today and just give an update on WIPs that I am working on. (Yeah I know I have more going on than I should) I have 15 crochet cross bookmarks almost done for an order that I have. I still need to weave in the tails then starch and put the tassels on the. I also have 6 elephant fridgies that I need to weave the tails in then glue some eyes and magnet on them to finish them off. I started 2 days ago another round ripple babyghan that I THOUGHT I had done last nite till I went to do the edging. In doing the edging I came to a spot that the count was off...yep you guessed it...dumb me dropped a stitch in one of the corners. What made me more mad at myself about it is I didn't catch it sooner since the drop stitch was back at the halfway mark of the afghan that I was working on. So now it sits waiting on me to come work on it and get it done.
I got in the mail the past few days ebay orders that I had bidding on for doll faces. I now have more than enough of the faces to make plenty of the doll face potholders to sell and give away as gifts. I even have some dark ones that I am in hopes to work up as Indian doll face potholders.
Well I better get off here if I plan on getting some crochet done before kids get home from school. I have not firgured out yet how to type and crochet at same time yet.
Photos to follow later on the WIP that have been completed.
Oops forgot to mention I have 2 air freshner dolls just about done as well. Shows you were my head is.

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Gloria said...

Hi how r u? thought I drop in and say hello; haven't seen you online lately. Hope all is well.