Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gone Goose Hunting

Well not really hunting goose, just patterns to make lawn ornament goose clothes. A friend of mine has a lawn ornament Goose that would like for me to make some clothes for her. Annies Attic at one time had a pamplet called "Annie's Attic Goose and Gander Parade Crochet" but now it is out of stock or can not be found *boo hoo* I can't even find some reasonaly prices use sewing patterns for some outfits. So if anyone out here can help me in with this new project of mine I would be so eternally grateful.

I would like to thank all that emailed me on where to look for patterns. As many times as I had searched Ebay I had not found it till I was sent the link tonight for "Annie's Attic Goose and Gander Parade Crochet" I now have on order a copy of it (as well as some Native American Fabric that the lady had as well.) Again Thanks to all that helped me out in this search.
(this is the fabric that I have coming in with the goose clothes pattern)

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