Friday, February 6, 2009

Finished Crochet Projects

Theses are some of the goodies I have been working in this past week
This is a Valentine Crinoline Doily that was a CAL in CFWP events group. I still need to finish weaving the ends, lightly starching and then gluing the parts together.

This Angel with Heart Filet came about thanks to Yvette bragging how easy it was to do and that it only took her two days. Well she was right it was easy even though I screwed up and dropped a stitch and didn't find it till I was to the halfway mark and things was looking really odd. This was a free pattern online and can be found at
There is only one correction to this I would like to add. At the end of each row before turning chain 3 (some only chains 2) This is the first DC for that row. Work the rest of the pattern as done so in the site.

This was a Scrubbie CAL I got myself into. I tell you I never in my wildest dreams expected a simple pattern to give me such a fit as this one did. My one big mistake was not reading the instruction completely FIRST. PLEASE NOTE this pattern is done in the back loops so to give it the ridge effect needed to make this pattern work out right. This was also a free pattern and can be found at the blog of GRANNYJUDITH
I found that naztazia posted step by step photo instructions of Granny Judith's pattern. This was what help me to discover my big OOps.

Now this was a fun CAL. For 3 weeks it was called the Mystery CAL. Can you tell what it is? With the parts I couldn't either but in the end after it was all put together it created this wonderful Starburst Hot Pad. (Don't you just love the colors?)

Still have a few other projects I am working on but that is for another day.

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Gloria said...

Love all your projects! I am not good with crochet little things. I really like your last project the flower..very pretty and I do love the colors.