Thursday, November 20, 2008

New to Blogging

I was asked by a friend if I had a blog up yet.....Guess you can say the only blogging I have done is in on myspace where I posted a blog about My Daughters. This will be a new adventure for me but guess a good way to share with others my favorite Hobbies and such.

A little abt me. I am a stay at home mom. I have two birth kids that are out on own now raising my grandbabies. (have 5 of them) I currently live with my boyfriend of 5 yrs who is a single dad. He has had 8 kids with 3 different wives. I am helping him to raise his 3 youngest girls. His 2 boys lives with his mom just down from us and his oldest 3 are out on their own now.

In my free time I love to craft (beading, crochet, plastic canvas are just a few to name) and do family research (Genealogy) I am also addicted to playing in neopets and chatting online with good friends. Currently have been working on crochet projects. Will post more of my craft projects as the time allows.

Hope you will enjoy reading my blogs.

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